Character Sculpture and Illustration Mini Demo Reel

Gigabot sculpture.  6" wax maquette

Hong Kong Fuey Bobble head
 7'' casted plastic.

ratatouille study
4" plastilina, oil based clay

Wrapping mummy
13" Super Sculpy

I did this one about a year ago like the sully. Its the phase right before I put the wraping on.

final Ponyo zoetrope from fenia norville on Vimeo.
Project: Creating a zoetrope with sculptures instead of still frames. 8 frames (sculptures) will be placed on a record player to create the animation. A strobe light is use to break up the light the eye receives and give the illusion of moving figures. A suggestion from Justin was to build a container around the piece to keep the light of the strobe from reflecting off of objects besides the animation. I have also added an element of a background to the work. I will digitally animate a background in a loop, corresponding with each sculpture. As the sculpture moves the ocean background will also with the “Ponyo” guppies at play. This will be done after the sculptures are done and tested. The main focus is the moving Ponyo fish.

Status: done

Inspiration: The “My Neighbor Totoro” zoetrope at the Ghibli museum. I have never seen anything like this before. Thinking of animation sculptures never crossed my mind. Seeing the cat-bus fly and the little girls play made me feel like and kid at Christmas. I’m planning to focus toward sculpture and I felt that this was the perfect incorporation of animation and sculpture, a joining of individual artworks into a larger show.

Character: I’m using Ponyo from “Ponyo: on a cliff by the sea” it is the retelling of the little mermaid by Hayao Miyazaki. The character has simple shapes that are easier to replicate in sculpture. She is animated in a simple swim cycle.

Animation: 8 frames per seconds were the traditional means of animation in 1960’s Japan. Astro boy was a good example of it (research element). That’s the basic idea of using that number of frames for the sculpture.

The lair of and evil cat, EpiCat, bent to destroy his senile granny owner.